Eco-Metropolis’ Mission

our mission

Celebrate the too often unheralded achievements of NYC’s gloriously diverse environmental and social justice communities
and encourage and support their efforts

Help people working in different domains become aware of each other’s work

Inform activists and the public about inspiring solutions to a wide range of our most pressing problems that already exist and require above all the political will to be made manifest

Contribute to fostering a sense of shared purpose in our great city’s eco and social activist communities and help inspire us all to keep pushing, in our own ways, for a greener, fairer, freer and more joyous city and region

Foster heightened connectivity among activists, concerned citizens and specialists working in different but related domains and provide a fertile spawning ground for new initiatives

Drive home the idea that NYC has the potential to be a paragon at the forefront of the movement to create genuinely sustainable and livable cities

(Note: Eco-Metropolis is an educational forum and, ideally, a useful nexus of networks. It seeks to celebrate and highlight the work of many organizations, but it is absolutely not itself an activist organization with its own specific program or agenda)


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